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Spandrel Panels: FAQs

  ‘Spandrel panel’ refers to the timber frame panel which is used in place of blockwork in the roof space. There are two different types; a gable wall spandrel panel or a party wall spandrel panel. We have a collection of questions which you might have about them below:    What is the difference between […]

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Dormer Loft Conversion – How to Use the Space

  If you are considering getting dormer roofs added to your property to create more space, you may already have an idea in mind as for how to use it. However, once some learn about how much value a dormer loft conversion can add, this may be an afterthought. So, we have put together a […]

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Why is Oak a Great Choice for Feature Trusses?

    For centuries, Oak has been a staple material in the construction world. But why is this such a great choice for roof trusses and feature trusses? Initially, it was the availability in the woodlands around the UK which made it a go-to choice. Also, vast amounts of timber of a large size can […]

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Trusses Supplied for Large Development in Gorton, Manchester

We have designed and supplied roof trusses, trussed rafters, and spandrel panels for Rowlinson Construction Limited of Stockport, for their £15m development in Gorton, Manchester.  Rowlinson is in the process of constructing a new, sustainable care development for Southway Housing. Located on Abbey Hey Lane, the project will see 106 new homes which have been […]

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How Do Roof Trusses Work?

Roof trusses are designed to spread the weight of the roof, and whatever lands on it, to the walls of the building. Just like a bridge truss would spread the weight of the cars and trucks crossing over it and transfers it to the piers.  What makes a truss more appealing to architects is the […]

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How is Timber Made?

  Building materials like timber, often used to make roof trusses, need to be of a very high quality to make sure that they last a lifetime. Before wood can be used to build trusses, it first needs to be processed. This has a few steps, beginning in the forest where they grow, and ending […]

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