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The Different Styles of Roof Trusses

  Roof trusses are the most popular choice of roof structure in the UK due to their many advantages. They are reasonably quick to install, designed to perfectly fit a building, and a more affordable option than other methods.  Choosing roof trusses is also the more eco-friendly solution. They can save up to 30% on […]

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Oak Feature Trusses

Some buildings and houses can be considered as being quite dull, boring and un-characterful. However, if you think about getting rid of the uninspiring low ceilings, and fitting a beautifully designed feature truss, or even starting a new project with an exposed trussed roof, you could have something amazing.  At Aber Roof Truss, we can […]

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Is a Roof Truss a Good Option for My Home?

A properly supported roof is the key to a long standing building. Roof trusses are favoured by a lot of architects and designers in the UK because of their many advantages. We’re outlining what roof trusses are, and why they’re so beneficial to your home.  Most of the time, a roof truss is hidden in […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Dormer Roofs

Dormer loft conversions and dormer roofs are extensions which are built on the back side or front of an existing roof. By adding dormer roofs, you can convert a small, unusable attic space into a full room with enough height and loads natural light, so it can be enjoyed properly.  Types of Dormer Roofs The […]

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Tips for Ordering Roof Trusses

Roof framing has evolved so much over the last few decades. While we used to rely on rafters to provide framing for our roofs, more and more people are finding that a roof truss system is not only more economical but also faster and simpler as part of the whole process. Roof framing ranges from […]

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What Affects the Cost of Roof Trusses?

Roof Trusses When it comes to roofs, your choice of structure can have a large, deciding effect on the cost. We have decided to delineate the cost of structural decision so you will have a better idea when buying and designing. Variety of Truss Fink Roof Trusses: This is the cheapest option available. It is […]

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