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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Roof for your House

The roof is an absolutely integral part of the building, it has a massive effect on the overall aesthetic, as well as the integrity of the building. But… but get it wrong and it could be an absolute nightmare to rectify. Follow this guide for all you need to know to make the right roofing […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Attic Trusses

Welcome to the World of the Attic Truss When you are designing your building, and deciding what kind of roof you’re going to have, there are a lot of options to consider, people want to maximise their space by choosing to get an attic room. There’s something quite romantic about an attic room, rather than […]

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Should I get a Roof Truss or Rafters?

What’s the difference between a roof truss or a rafter? One of the many questions that lingers in the mind of many prospective builder is ‘what on earth is the difference between a truss or a rafter?’ and also ‘why use a truss instead of a rafter?’. In this article we delve into this, and […]

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The Benefits of Metal Web Joist Systems

When should you use open web joists? When spans are greater than 5m, open web joists (aka Posi or metal web joists) suddenly become cost effective. Open web joists also have the added benefit of easier installation of electrical, plumbing, and ventilation services. They are also much better suited for future building modifications. The metal […]

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Recognising Different Roof Truss Materials, Forms & Details

  The Aber Roof Truss team are always keen to emphasise just how important roofs and truss structures are and how much of an essential part of the character of a building they are. A roof requires care and attention during the design, manufacture, and building processes. Caring for your roof and truss can prevent […]

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A Basic Understanding of Feature Trusses

  In the early days of housing construction, roofs that were also constructed where flat. This was generally because we didn’t know any better and it was also cheaper to build a flat roof. Unfortunately, a flat roof is very ineffective within our climate, and within a few years of putting up these roofs, they […]

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