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Using Oak in Roofing

Green oak is defined as oak that has been freshly cut and is ready for use in construction. However, oak roof trusses and other oak based frames is not a new craft; green oak in construction dates back many centuries and was a common material for carpenters who used it for barns, houses, and church […]

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Deciding On The Right Truss For You

Roof trusses are a proven means of providing efficient, safe and cost-effective support for roofs within both residential and business properties since┬átheir inception in 1964. Specialised companies such as ours manufacture these trusses and deliver them to homes across the United Kingdom, supplying these various properties with an elegant feature that increases property value. Developments […]

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Elegance & Style from Oak Roof Trusses

Here at Aber Roof Truss we design and build bespoke oak roof trusses that are perfect as a feature for any home. An oak timber truss will provide your home not only with a beautifully crafted decorative feature but with incredibly safe and secure structural support. These oak trusses have been used in some of […]

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Our New Hiab Lorry Provides Faster Truss Delivery

The hard-working team here at Aber Roof Truss have been providing the building and construction industry with innovative and pioneering truss designs for over 30 years. Our services have only increased in experience and popularity over those many years, as we boast as having one of the most talented, knowledgeable and competent design teams in […]

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Roof Trusses: A Worthy Investment

There is no denying that the construction of a house is no simple task even for the most skilled construction worker. But what is simple, is choosing to see the many benefits of a feature truss for your home and what makes it a worthy investment. The roof can often be overlooked when thinking about […]

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Choosing The Right Truss For Your Property

There is no denying that the roof is the most important structure in any home. If you were to forget about any essential repairs to your roof you would certainly know about it quite quickly. Aber Roof Truss provides their clients with reliable, highly beneficial roof trusses and bespoke designs. Roofs have been designed and […]

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