Why Do We Use Metal Web Joists?

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Metal web joists are becoming increasing popular across property development due to their numerous benefits. They provide extra support for the floor in a timber solution for both homes and commercial properties.

At Aber Roof Truss, we supply metal web joists (open web joists), the superior alternative to traditional solid timber and TJI joists offering unrivalled performance.

But, why do we recommend this product?


Flexibility in design

Compared to the timber alternative, the open web joists can span greater distances. This provides a lot more flexibility for building design, often leading to reductions in costs.


Durable yet lightweight

The teamwork of string timber roof trusses and light, durable metal web joists make a great strong floor joist. Comparing this to solid timber which is a lot heavier, they are a lot easier to deal with and install on-site. 


Speed up installation

Due to the ease of use and how they are lightweight, metal web joists can help speed up installation on site. They also require less labour, cutting costs further.

Improved performance

When used with a good strongback, metal web joists can help the performance of a floor, including reducing vibrations. There will also be a lower rate of shrinkage and lower likeliness of squeaky floors. Overall, this creates a longer-lasting and quieter floor system.

Energy-Efficient Buildings

The design of metal web joists allows thicker installation or mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems. This will reduce heating and energy bills for those who live in the properties.

Benefits Party Floor Construction

As the metal joists are highly fire-safe and lower any noise compared to timber joists, they are advantageous to party floor construction. They are perfect for multiple occupancy properties such as semi-detached houses and apartment buildings.

Create Less Waste

Our open web joists are manufactured bespoke for your build. This means that any waste on-site is pretty much eliminated.

Easier Installation For Services

The floors design, including metal web joists, removes the need to cut out holes in the joists for pipework etc. Therefore, they can be installed quickly and easily, and also reduce surface pipework. This also furthermore speeds up construction time.

They’re Not Just for Floors

Metal web joists aren’t just for floors – they can be used for flat and pitched roofs too! They can be a more economical choice than steel, concrete and other materials.


If you would like to find out more about our metal joists, please contact our team today. 

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Why Do We Use Metal Web Joists?
Metal web joists are becoming increasing popular across property development due to their numerous benefits.