Spandrel Panel and Glulam

Discover the beauty of Glulam

Manufactured from sections of European Spruce or Larch, carefully selected and strength graded.

Multiple layers of boards, or lamellas are meticulously bonded together, under pressure and heat, forming a resilient, high strength to weight ratio in comparison to concrete or steel.

Strong, lightweight, dimensionally stable and fire resistant, some of the many benefits high performance Glulam offers.

We can deliver a total glulam solution starting from concept through to completion, helping you in design and establishing your requirements.


Faster cheaper construction with Spandrel Panels

Spandrel panels are non-engineered, prefabricated panels, providing an alternative to block built gable and party walls.

Assembled to match the exact profile of your roof and built to specification depending on the fire rating and acoustic specification that is required.

A one trade time saving solution; build gable and dividing walls in seconds, easy to install, avoids additional scaffolding costs and health and safety planning and can be erected in all weather.



Technical Advice

Spandrel and Gable Panels – Gable wall and spandre panel guide


For more guide, videos or technical help please contact one of our designers.