10 Key Benefits of Roof Trusses

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Roof trusses are now the best way to hold up your roof! You’ll most likely find them being used in most new buildings – with up to 80% of all new houses using trusses rather than traditional rafters. This is due to the fact that they offer many advantages, which make them the favourable option for designers and contractors alike. 

So, why is using roof trusses only becoming increasingly popular? We explain why in 10 points…


Advantages of Using Roof Trusses

1. Roof trusses are fabricated in a controlled environment. 

They’re manufactured off-site in a controlled environment, meaning that they are always double-checked and guaranteed to be fabricated to the highest quality. It will be designed to perfectly fit your requirements.

Automated manufacturing processes mean that the trusses will be made on time and can be delivered to the site when needed.


2. They’re super quick to install. 

Roof trusses can be installed within just one day as long as the appropriate amount of workers and tools are available. This saves huge amounts of time and labour costs. 


3. Roof trusses are a cost-effective choice.

At first, prices for trusses can seem a little high, but when you take into consideration the materials and the labour which would be used for on-site fabrication, trusses are the winner!


4. They’re the better option for large buildings. 

A roof truss can span a much greater distance than more traditional methods such as rafters. 


5. Other methods require highly skilled workers. 

If you were to install rafters, you would need to hire a contractor with the experience and knowledge to tackle the project. In today’s world, this is becoming more rare to find as most are more comfortable with prefabricated materials. 


6. They’re an environmentally-friendly choice. 

Roof trusses are the more environmentally friendly option when compared to other methods. They use less timber to make, and produce a lot less waste! Any off-cuts from production can be recycled or used for other projects where that size is required. 


7. They allow for open floor plans. 

Due to being able to span distances very wide, they leave space for a very open interior. So, if you want your building to feel larger without increasing the square footage, you can use an open concept by including roof trusses in the blueprints. 


8. Roof trusses are very strong.

Roof trusses’ main shape is the triangle, the strongest shape! They are super solid structures considering their size and use.

Their webbed design only increases their strength further. Once in place, they’ll be able to support roofs of all shapes, weights, and styles. 


9. They look great!

If you want to add a feature to a room whilst adding structural support, then oak feature trusses are the perfect solution. The warm-toned wood provides a great centrepiece for a room. 


10. You can be guided through the process at Aber Roof Truss.

Our friendly and helpful team will be able to assist you along the way with your order. To ask any questions or to begin your order, simply give them a call at 01244 539165 or email your inquiry to info@aberrooftruss.co.uk

10 Key Benefits of Roof Trusses
Article Name
10 Key Benefits of Roof Trusses
Roof trusses are now the best way to hold up your roof! You’ll most likely find them being used in most new buildings.