Why Is Sustainable Timber Important?

A Solution for Tomorrow.

Making sure that timber comes from a sustainable source isn’t just important for today, it is also important for the long term well-being of earth along with all of its inhabitants. Trees also play a very important part in reducing the effects of excess CO2, and how forests are managed is an incredibly important issue in this day and age. Trees are a natural filter for CO2, and so trees play a very significant role in reducing our carbon footprint. Trees, therefore, play an integral role in reducing the environmental impact of humankind on this planet. Aber roof truss is committed to the fundamentals that this is of intrinsic value and therefore has made an assurance that this timber is sustainably sourced.

As a project manager, builder or architect, sustainability is high up on the agenda in this modern era. It’s, therefore, more than likely that you make a point of sourcing products with a powerful chain of custody to sustainable timber. Timber, as a material for building, is a fantastic choice for sustainability as long as all materials are responsibly and properly sourced, in fact when it comes from good sources it gives a real boost to the environment.

Sustainable timber comes from purpose maintained, well-managed forests that contain trees of ages and species. When trees from sustainable forests are cut, they are replaced with seedlings in order to make sure that the natural cycle is able to continue.

The way forests are managed is very important in the control of the increased dangers of global warming. It is not just important that seedling trees are planted when older trees are cut, but attention should be paid to the eco-systems, as well as watersheds and also the consideration of the behaviour of wildlife in the forest.

As a result of all of these factors, the management of forests is a highly contentious issue and subject to scrutiny on all sides of the political spectrum. Choosing sustainable timber means that you can buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the right steps have been trodden in order to ethically source the materials to ensure not only succeed today but also with care and attention to the future of the planet.

Aber roof truss also has this concept in mind when building our specialist manufacturing products, roof trusses. Did you know that roof trusses are in fact much more sustainable than rafters? Trusses require 30% less timber than a traditionally constructed roof made from rafter structures, which makes it the environmentally friendly option. Not only that but we recycle 100% of waste materials and also actively encourage suppliers to adopt our environmentally friendly principles.

We are PEFC certified and participate in the sustainable management of forests across 36 countries, which in total counts for 264 million hectares of forest.

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Why Is Sustainable Timber Important?
Trees are a natural filter for CO2, and so trees play a very significant role in reducing our carbon footprint.
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