How Offsite Construction Benefits Housing Developments

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Offsite construction refers to when building components, such as our roof trusses and spandrel panels, are manufactured and assembled away from the construction site. This is deemed a more sustainable way of working.

The benefits of using offsite construction are not limited to how they are being built with us, but they extend to the project as a whole. Offsite construction means targets are met more efficiently, and skills shortages are met when compared to more traditional methods. 

There has been an increase in the demand for affordable housing – so it’s no wonder developers are always looking for new ways to speed up projects. Timber engineering offsite is a reliable means of achieving this. 

These are 4 ways that using offsite construction can benefit your development:


roof trussesSaving Time

Proper planning and scheduled pre-manufactured deliveries can mean as much as 20% fewer days on-site. Our timber products can very simply be brought over when they are ready, lifted to position, and secured. No time is wasted working things out. 

Work in our factory can be scheduled to suit your timeframe. Having jobs running parallel results in quicker build times. 


You Don’t Need Storage

Offsite builds are usually better coordinated with site times – this is due to them being tracked properly when being created in our factory. We will deliver these when they are required, so you won’t need to find additional storage space. We will work with you to create an accurate delivery schedule for maximum efficiency. 


Reduced Onsite Labour

Labour shortage is a common issue, but offsite construction helps to combat this issue. A super beneficial factor of getting components pre-manufactured with us is that less labour is required on-site – meaning fewer labour costs too. 

Pre-manufactured components such as spandrel panels can also cut installation times. This is due to them being delivered completed. No need for blockwork to be carried out at gables and party walls. 


Less Waste Producedrecycle

Offsite construction methods have many environmental benefits too. This includes less waste created, cleaner manufacturing, and easy recycling of unused material – it is all sorted at the manufacturers. For example, waste timber can be kept for other aspects of the project or even for other projects where they fit. 

When using our service and products at Aber Roof Truss, you can be sure that the timber we are using is sustainable too. We are PEFC certified and participate in the sustainable management of timber forests across 36 countries, this combined is 264 million hectares of land. We recycle 100% of our waste materials and actively encourage suppliers to follow our environmentally friendly principles.


If you would like to find out more about how we can benefit your project, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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How Offsite Construction Benefits Housing Developments
The benefits of using offsite construction are not limited to how they are being built with us, but they extend to the project as a whole.