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Understanding Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are a proven means of providing a building with an efficient, structurally sound and economical support. They have been supporting roofs since their initial use in the United Kingdom way back in 1964. The specialised team here at Aber Roof Truss are known for manufacturing, delivering and installing only the very best in timber truss designs. We have delivered trusses for a diverse range of new developments and existing buildings. Today’s computer technology allows for design work to be as quick and easy as possible.

With the styles of domestic properties becoming more and more individualised, it is vital for Aber Roof Truss to have the facilities to accommodate for more intricate designs. The various styles of homes found today means that there is urgency for said individuality to be as affordable as possible. Cost efficient roofing for a range of commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings are manufactured by experienced and knowledgeable truss designers with efficiency always in mind.

Our experienced team members are able to assist with the architects working on a development to ensure that our truss designs are suitable for the individual development. Alternatively, the architect can simply provide a simple sketch or detailed description of the building design for us to work with, and we will take care of the extensive truss designs using our computer aided technology.

The broad range of roofing styles can be made virtually limitless with bespoke trusses. Some of the more popular choices for feature roof trusses are the Queen Post, Dutch or Barn Hip, and Attic Trusses. Each and every truss design can be delivered and installed immediately, removing the need for on-site storage and the potential for deterioration.

Should you have any further enquiries to help you understand roof trusses, do not hesitate to contact us, as a member of the Aber Roof Truss team will be more than willing to provide more information.