Spandrel Panels: FAQs

spandrel panels


‘Spandrel panel’ refers to the timber frame panel which is used in place of blockwork in the roof space. There are two different types; a gable wall spandrel panel or a party wall spandrel panel. We have a collection of questions which you might have about them below: 


  • What is the difference between party wall panels and gable panels?

Party wall panels would sit on the party wall between two properties. These are created using a timber frame.

Gable panels are also made up of a timber frame but are placed on the blockwork leaf of the gable wall. 


  • Are Spandrel panels insulated?

As standard, spandrel panels are not insulated, but this can be accommodated if need be. You will need to explain this to one of our sales representatives when you make your enquiry. 


  • Is it possible to use a spandrel panel where I have a step or stagger in my ridgeline?

The use of a party wall panel in this instance will require a case by case assessment. There are certain conditions which will have to be met before use. Contact a member of our team for more help. 


No, these cannot be used within an attic roof. Even spandrel panels which are fully insulated will not have enough sound insulation. 


  • What do spandrel panels sit on?

Gable spandrel panels will usually sit on top of wall plates and party wall spandrel panels will usually sit on top of a fire barrier – but this all depends on the details provided by your building designer. The fire barrier generally consists of a layer of compressible mineral wool fibre, used to meet fire compartmentation requirements.


  • How do spandrel panels compare to the traditional brick and block method?

The traditional method of brick and block gable ends and party walls are left to face the elements during construction and can’t be created in certain conditions. Problems may also arise if there are high winds. 

Using the brick and block method also runs the risk that they will be insufficiently cured before work continues. This can be a huge risk to health and safety, potentially causing accidents on site.


  • What are the benefits of using spandrel panels?
  1. As a spandrel panel is produced off-site by timber engineers like Aber Roof Truss, it saves on-site construction time.
  2. It avoids using additional scaffolding, thus cutting costs.
  3. Construction can continue as the roof framing is installed.
  4. Spandrel panels are easy to install and require no difficult anchorage methods.
  5. They can be designed to fit all roof layouts. Anything from the most simple roof to the most complex. 


If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help! Simply contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Spandrel Panels: FAQs
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Spandrel Panels: FAQs
There are two different types; a gable wall spandrel panel or a party wall spandrel panel. We have a collection of questions.
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