Roof Trusses Significantly Reduce Building Time

To many of those outside of the construction industry, building an entire house might seem like a mammoth task which would likely to take months to complete.

This was once an accurate perception, but advancements in building materials and techniques have helped to significantly reduce the labour and amount of time it takes to construct a building.feature roof truss

Roof trusses in particular have had a huge impact on reducing construction times. A roof truss is a structural framework crafted from timbers which acts as a roof support by bridging the space above a room.

A typical roof truss can usually be installed within a day, depending on the size of the project.

Roof trusses are designed and manufactured by specialists within a warehouse before being delivered to a building site. This means that work can be focused on getting alternative sections of a house built, and they are ready to be installed as soon as they arrive. Cutting down on-site construction not only saves time, but often money too.

A roof truss is the best roofing option for those looking to build an open plan building or home. Opting for an attic truss allows for an extra level to be added to a home in as little as a day’s work, maximising the amount of habitable space. An extra level can significantly increase the value of a home, which is good news for developers of new build homes and existing homeowners.

Despite roof trusses being incredibly cost effective in comparison to alternative roof support methods, their reliability and strength is fantastic. To ensure that you get a quality roof truss, it is essential to choose a company which has extensive experience in designing trusses.

You may have noticed in some buildings that their roof trusses are exposed. This is known as feature truss, and is an attractive way to add character to a building. Much like standard roof trusses, feature truss is bespoke to your building and is typically made from high quality oak or pine.


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Roof Trusses Significantly Reduce Building Time
Roof trusses are a cost effective method to add another level to your home, which can be installed within a days work. They're tailor made to even the most complex of building designs.
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