Why You Should Be Using Roof Trusses

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Roof trusses, whether you’re familiar with the name or not has become a much favoured roof framing method. In America, it’s estimated that 80% of new homes are constructed with manufactured roof trusses, and the number is likely to be the same for the UK.

Every roof truss is bespoke made to suit the size and roof load requirements of each building. It’s because of this that roof truss designs are incredibly flexible, and can be designed to fit within even the most complex of buildings.

Because of the way roof trusses are designed, there’s a vast reduction in the amount of timber used. This is due to roof trusses being comprised of longer lengths of wood that would otherwise not be possible to achieve with traditional roofing methods. Less timber means a reduction in costs, as well as making them a better choice for the environment.

Traditional roof framing methods require the use of load-bearing walls within the interior of a home; this makes it difficult to achieve an open-plan home and limits your floor plan layout.

Traditional methods typically take a lot longer to be installed, and requires the building to be exposed to the elements whilst it’s being constructed. A longer installation also means you’ll be paying for additional labour costs.

When it comes to modern roof trusses, they can usually be installed within a day’s labour – cutting down your costs whilst also ensuring that the home can be protected from the elements within a reasonable timescale.

Roof trusses are also manufactured off-site, and brought to your location ready to be installed. Since they’re made within a warehouse and not on-site, they’re not exposed to outdoor conditions.

With roof trusses, you won’t need as many load-bearing walls within a building, so if you’re looking to create an airy and open space, you should choose a timber roof truss as your roof support.

Exposed roof trusses can also be used to add character and aesthetic appeal to a home. Feature oak trusses can be added to the interior of buildings to create a unique and attractive look, and can be designed in a way which is unique to you.


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Why You Should Be Using Roof Truss
Roof truss offers reliable roof support, whilst also being time and cost-effective method. From reducing labour costs to saving you money on materials, they are more effective than other roofing methods.
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