Roof Truss Options For Your Home

A well supported roof is essential for the longevity of any building. The use of roof truss is favoured by the vast majority of architects in the UK, thanks to its many advantageous properties.

Often, roof truss is hidden within the loft of homes – this type of lightweight roof truss is referred to as Trussed Rafters. Attic trusses are designed to maximise space within a loft, creating an additional room which can be used to add an extra lounge space, or perhaps another bedroom.

Feature truss is displayed externally, and acts as a decorative centrepiece within rooms. Feature truss isn’t just ornamental; it still adds essential support to your roof. If you’re looking to add space and light to your living area, you’ll want to opt for feature truss.

The Benefits of Roof Truss

Roof TrussIf you’re considering having roof truss installed into your home, it’s very likely you’ll want to know exactly why it is a beneficial decision.

An important benefit of roof truss is that it can be designed and manufactured to fit individual house dimensions specifically. This is essential for optimal roof support, and also ensures that minimal house space is used up.
The design flexibility of roof trusses ensures that it is suitable for a vast range of building types and existing roof structures.

Skilfully crafted from sturdy wood and fastened in by robust metal plates, roof truss is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your home. An added benefit of roof truss is that it can be installed into homes incredibly quickly, reducing labour time and overall costs.
Since your bespoke roof truss will arrive at your home prefabricated, there will be no ongoing on-site construction to deal with.

Feature Truss

Feature Roof TrussFeature truss is used to maximise space and light within homes, whilst also acting as an incredibly attractive feature inside your home. It can be customised not only to the specific dimensions of your room, but also to your personal taste.

Crafted from high-quality oak, feature truss will add a contemporary, yet natural look within your home. For those looking to add a bit of character to their home, feature truss is a fantastic option.
Whether you want clean, minimal lines or a more complex pattern within the tetrahedron truss shape, your ideas can be catered to. A good roof truss company will take your ideas into consideration, and offer advice on how your ideas can become a reality within your home.

Roof Truss and the Environment

tree houseRoof truss is also more beneficial for the environment than traditional rafter structures, requiring around 30% less timber. As timber is a truly renewable source, it has less of an environmental impact than materials such as aluminium or steel which have to be produced using vast amounts of electricity.

With the ever growing concerns for the environment, it’s wise to select a roof truss manufacturer who actively works on reducing their impact on the environment. At Aber Roof Truss, we take this very seriously, and are dedicated to creating as little waste as possible. We’re proud to say that 100% of our leftover materials are recycled and we’re also a PEFC certified company. This means that we are committed to sourcing our materials solely from sustainably farmed forests.