Case Study: Rowlinson Construction – Gorton, Manchester



Abbey Hey Lane in Gorton, Manchester


Over 1000 trussed rafters and spandrel panels for a very large construction run by Rowlinson Construction Limited of Stockport. This was for a £15 million development in Gorton, Manchester. 

The project has created 106 sustainable new homes which are specially designed for people aged 55 and over. They will be provided with 24-hour support and a comfortable, high-quality living solution which is environmentally friendly. 

“The combined span of the roof trusses totalled 17 metres producing a ridge exceeding 6 metres in height, running throughout two main blocks, each block over 70 metres in length…This required a colossal effort in orchestrating design, manufacture and delivery of frames this size.” – Dave Hopkins Jr, Director of Aber Roof Truss

Materials Supplied

Roof trusses, trussed rafters, party wall spandrel panels and gable spandrels.