Case Study: Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire


Alice Holt Royal Forest in Hampshire


A large extension and renovation project took place during 2016/17 to Alice Holt, replacing the previous cafe with a large modern cafe offering customers a much bigger seating area, a larger menu and far more comfortable seating for relaxing whilst also enjoying the tranquil and colourful views of the surrounding forest.

The project required three large bespoke hardwood feature trusses. It was incredibly important that the style of the new trusses matched the previously existing trusses on the Alice Holt site. A lot of preparation and meticulous planning went into arranging the production of these feature trusses. It was imperative we provided frames which matched the new build timber frame element of the project and also ensured that all members within the 8-metre trusses came together seamlessly in the assembly, including the custom stainless steel brackets, some of which wrapped around the Douglas Fir timber sections.

150x200mm members over 8-metre spans came together flawlessly and stainless steel brackets finished perfectly flush with the timber members.

Materials Supplied

Bespoke Douglas Fir and Stainless Steel Feature Trusses