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Maintaining Safety Standards with Truss Manufacturing & Installation

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The Aber Roof Truss team prides themselves on delivering the best product possible in the safest way possible for every single truss that we design. Prefabricated residential and commercial timber and steel feature trusses are used abundantly throughout the building and construction industries, as they are able to transfer the weight to a load bearing wall, as well as being incredibly cost effective. However, feature roof trusses can easily fail if not installed correctly by an experienced team, so let’s look at the safety standards required for designing, manufacturing, and installing trusses.

There are so many places where things can go wrong during the truss manufacturing process, which means it is vital to consider so many different areas to successfully produce a truss. Common errors can include:

  • Poor handling before, during, and after delivery as well as during storage.
  • Weakening the roof truss by cutting into or through truss members.
  • Connecting roof sections to truss members that have not been designed to bear those loads.
  • Installing an incorrect number of bracings or installing the bracings incorrectly.
  • Installing the truss in a different method to the one laid out in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Not carrying out a thorough inspection of the truss and the truss members before installation has begun. This involves checking that the truss members, fixings, spacing and positioning match with the ones in the manufacturer’s drawing.

During the installation process, it is important for everyone involved in the installation process, as well as anyone on site in general, to be wearing the appropriate safety clothing and gear. All tools and machinery must be used in the safest way possible and must not be detrimental to the public in any way. It is good practice for those on site to create a safety checklist to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Aber Roof Truss always practices the very best in design, manufacturing, installation, and safety standards. Should you wish to learn more, or find out about quality roof trusses for your home, do not hesitate to contact the team today.