Feature Trusses: Bringing Character To Your Home

feature trusses


By adding a feature truss to a home, you create a striking focal point that adds value and character to your property. Feature trusses are bolted trusses that take trusses from being structural supports out of sight to being works of art.


In spite of the fact that they are often more energy-efficient and have all the modern conveniences a homeowner needs, new build homes can at times lack character. So exposed roof trusses are popular for both new construction and renovation projects.


It is possible to enhance and lift a room’s space with a feature timber truss installed as the focal point. Hardwood or softwood can be used to build feature trusses that last a lifetime. One of the original oak trusses from Leeds’ First White Cloth Hall, which dates back nearly 500 years, can still be found following the restoration of the former cloth exchange. 


A feature truss adds warmth and character to a room while fitting in with popular industrial and rustic trends. The natural finish to feature trusses is often preferred, but they can also be pressure-treated, stained, or painted. In addition to stainless steel, galvanised steel, and painted black finishes, exterior fittings are available in a variety of materials. The connections can also be hidden.


The different types of roof trusses


King Post Truss or Queen Post Truss 

This design provides a lot of light and creates an open atmosphere, making it a popular choice. 


Raised Tie Truss or Raised Collar Truss

A truss-like this is used when there is not much headroom available, or when the truss needs to span a very large space. Trusses of this kind have higher collars. These are often used in loft conversions. 


Flat Top Trusses

These are perfect when there is limited headroom.


Completing any home


Feature trusses can complete the look of a room, so they should be designed to suit the personality of the house. A bespoke feature truss can be created to add a unique touch to any home. 


At Aber Roof Truss we specialise in the design and manufacture of custom hardwood trusses. Your project may consist of oak or pine style trusses ancon tension system trusses or bolted trusses, all of which are completely custom-made and tailored to your specifications. 

We can assist you in designing your dream home. With an architect’s drawing depicting the idea and calculations, we can provide you with a quote if you have already decided on the idea.

We are passionate about providing only the highest quality throughout the project, from the design to the build and the delivery. Contact us today for any more information on our feature trusses.