Everything You Need To Know About Spandrel & Gable Panels 

spandrel and gable panels


Spandrel Panels 

What is a Spandrel Panel?

A spandrel panel is a prefabricated timber frame clad with fire-resistant board.

When dwellings are physically attached, such as semi-detached properties or terraces of homes, the panels are used as a fire barrier. Additionally, the panel can prevent the passage of sound between the attached houses and create a physical barrier between them.

We will provide you with a design that is unique to your building and fits the contours of your roof. 


How do Spandrel Panels work?

The panel works by ‘sitting’ on and secured to the masonry party wall. The Trussed Rafter Association has published a guide detailing how spandrel panels work and how they are installed on-site.

The panel sits on your party wall, just above ceiling height. In traditional construction, these barriers would be constructed using blockwork. In this method of construction, bricklayers halt work while the roof is installed and return later. The result can be delays or unnecessary project management headaches. The traditional method also requires extra scaffolding and extended periods of time for tradespeople to work at height, creating avoidable risks.


The Advantages

There are many advantages of Spandrel Panels, but the following are most notable: 

  • Panels are made to measure and prefabricated off-site to ensure a faster installation process.
  • Labour and material costs are lower. There is no need for additional scaffolding, blockwork, or labour.
  • Working at height is made safer by removing additional time spent there.
  • Fire and sound regulations are met.
  • Pre-manufactured panels generate no site waste.


gable panels

Gable Panels 

What is a Gable Panel?

A gable panel consists of a timber frame panel clad with 9mm ply on the external face. The panels are designed as a replacement for traditional gable end masonry walls. Unlike spandrel panels, which sit inside a roof structure, these form an exposed face on the building. For this reason, there are many design considerations that we will take into account for you.


How do Gable Panels work?

The gable panel is supported by a specialised restraint system below the masonry wall. After that, the panel is mounted on top of the wall. After that, it is tied back to the roof trusses using a variety of timbers and straps.

It is crucial that adequate restraint be provided to the walls below and the roof structure adjacent to the gable panel in order to resist wind loads. All of these factors will be taken into account by our designers.


The Advantages

Gable panels offer a number of advantages, but the following are the most important:

  • In order to ensure faster installation, the panels are made to measure and pre-manufactured off-site.
  • Labour and material costs are lower. There is no need for additional blockwork or labour.
  • By reducing the amount of time spent working at height, site safety is improved.
  • By using them, the building can become watertight sooner, allowing internal work to begin more quickly. You can build up the outer leaf of brickwork at a later time.
  • Pre-manufactured panels generate no site waste.


How do I enquire?

If you wish to enquire about Spandrel or Gable Panels, please contact our team on 01244539165 or email info@aberrooftruss.co.uk