Deciding On The Right Truss For You

Bespoke Trusses North WalesRoof trusses are a proven means of providing efficient, safe and cost-effective support for roofs within both residential and business properties since their inception in 1964. Specialised companies such as ours manufacture these trusses and deliver them to homes across the United Kingdom, supplying these various properties with an elegant feature that increases property value. Developments today are becoming increasingly extensive and require complex roofing, which is easily designed and supplied using computer-aided design software.

With the individualism trend in the domestic property only increasing as years go by, it is important that engineering companies such as ours are using the latest technology and have sufficient facilities to create these grand feature trusses, as well as providing innovative truss designs to clients. Many complex structures for a range of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential buildings such as hospitals, barracks, and supermarkets are achieved by more ambitious truss designs. Our experienced truss designers and engineers are able to assist architects to achieve an affordable and aesthetically pleasing roofing solution.

Which Truss?


Bespoke Attic Truss North WalesAttic Trusses – Residential properties can achieve roof spacing of up to 50% using the very popular attic truss; providing a fantastic space for a new living or storage area. It is possible to incorporate designs for room division early on, intended for immediate use. However, these designs can be added later on at the home owner’s leisure. However, if you do not desire extra space, there are other trusses available.

Other Types of Trusses – Attic trusses may be the popular choice for creating more living space; however, there are plenty of designs that are perfect for those looking to add more of a feature to their home. A bespoke truss design made from softwood like timber, or hardwood like oak, can bring a much-needed elegance to your home. Other types of trusses can include:

  • King Post
  • Queen Post
  • Fink
  • Howe
  • Double W
  • Flat Top
  • Scissor
  • Raised Tie

Whatever bespoke design you have in mind; whether you want to add more space or install a fantastic feature truss, contact the team at Aber Roof Truss today to discuss how we can improve the aesthetic and structure of your property.