Cost Benefits of Timber Roof Trusses


roof truss


All of us love saving a little bit of money on our purchases. Choosing the most cost-effective option for the construction of your existing or future home can take quite a bit of time and research.

If you are planning to renovate your home, or to build a new one, roof trusses can be one of the most cost-effective roofing options out there and have many different advantages. 

Timber roof trusses have been used for roof support since the 1500’s. Since then, the variety of roof truss patterns has greatly expanded, and a wide range of building shapes and sizes can now take advantage of their strength. A roof truss can be made to fit a particular building’s dimensions. They are a great choice for homes with contemporary and unique shapes due to their design flexibility.


Roof Trusses Cost Comparison

Different factors can affect the price of your trusses, such as the type of truss, the span, pitch, how many are needed, and the type of wood used.


  • Fink Roof Trussroof truss

Fink Trusses are the most common and cost-effective type of truss used in modern homes. The structure is lightweight, uses small timber sections, and can be installed in a day on most roofs. However, it won’t work if you want to use the roof space for more than light storage or if your roof shape is complex.



  • Attic Roof Trussroof truss

Attic trusses are a popular option for those who want to expand the space in their loft. It’s a cost-effective option for those who want another level added to their home on a budget, and within a quick timescale.



  • Raised Tie Trussesroof truss

Raised Tie trusses have their low beam of wood higher up their structure. These are used where you would want to get the maximum headroom in a space available. A raised tie roof truss can also be an expensive roofing truss, because the depth of timber on the top chords of the truss must be large enough to act as insulation.



Installing a roof truss typically takes less than a day once it has been crafted. As they are easy to install, they are perfect for buildings or homes that need to be constructed within a short period of time. With such a quick installation, labour costs are reduced to the absolute minimum.

Offsite manufactured roof trusses are delivered prefabricated and ready to install, thereby lowering the construction costs on site.

You’ll receive expert advice on which roof truss design is suitable for your needs by choosing a manufacturer with years of experience in the field. From design conception to final product, the best manufacturers will not only design a roof truss but also involve you in the whole process.


Roof trusses are a great way to transform your property from average to luxury. Not only are they cost-effective, but they add some wow factor too. Get in touch with us for more details.