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The Benefits of Metal Web Joist Systems


When spans are greater than 5m, open web joists (aka Posi or metal web joists) suddenly become cost effective. Open web joists also have the added benefit of easier installation of electrical, plumbing, and ventilation services. They are also much better suited for future building modifications.

The metal web joist system provides so many benefits, including offering customers better value for money. Open web joists (Posi joists) are composite timber and steel joists, forming an open and web formed design.

The open web designs means that they’re lightweight, durable, strong, simple to install and available in long lengths. The open web design means that using the joists offer a flexible solution for any future internal building layout modifications, in addition to this they eliminate costly cutting and drilling exercises, when installing services or incorporating modern ventilation and heat recycling systems.

The open web design means that using these joists offers flexible solutions for future internal building layout modifications, plus they eliminate costly cutting and drilling when installing services or bringing in modern ventilation and heat utilisation systems.

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Aber Roof Truss open web joists allow for much longer clear spans or for shallower depths than that which might be found on other engineered timber joists. They are absolutely perfect for floors or flat and mono pitched roofs. They are an ‘eco-choice’ because of the fact that they cater for thicker insulation and mechanical heat recovery and ventilation systems, assisting with creating more energy efficient buildings. Open web joists are suitable for all kinds of applications, including but not limited to domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

Open web joists are engineered to be lightweight, dimensionally precise and are supplied along with metalwork and timber materials, like metal connectors, temporary bracing, decking and additional timbers.

Web joists are manufactured to size to provide fast and simple installation. The open web design also means that they are no more timely and untidy drilling or notching for electrical and plumbing services. Stronger performing joists coupled up with reduced deflection addressing key causes for creaking floors.

Longer designable spans which might even eliminate the need for intermediate load bearing walls and provide clients with greater freedom when designing room layouts, allowing your imagination to stretch further!

Save your time and money as different trade routes work simultaneously.