2017 - Aber Roof Truss


Roof Trusses: A Worthy Investment

There is no denying that the construction of a house is no simple task even for the most skilled construction worker. But what is simple, is choosing to see the many benefits of a feature truss for your home and what makes it a worthy investment. The roof can often be overlooked when thinking about […]

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Choosing The Right Truss For Your Property

There is no denying that the roof is the most important structure in any home. If you were to forget about any essential repairs to your roof you would certainly know about it quite quickly. Aber Roof Truss provides their clients with reliable, highly beneficial roof trusses and bespoke designs. Roofs have been designed and […]

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Our feature trusses are stunning and life-long lasting

Feature roof trusses are incredibly attractive hardwood trusses that not only support the roof above, but visually captivate all those that are in the building. A feature roof truss is often a fully bespoke design and builds project that can be made out of a range of wood styles. These trusses could consist of oak […]

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Here at Aber Roof Truss, we generate a lot of excess timber due to the number of offcuts we produce on a daily basis. That means that we are now providing firewood for an incredibly reasonable price. So if you require some firewood for a cosy night in, in front of the wood-burning fire/stove then […]

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