2016 - Aber Roof Truss


Roof Truss Options For Your Home

A well supported roof is essential for the longevity of any building. The use of roof truss is favoured by the vast majority of architects in the UK, thanks to its many advantageous properties. Often, roof truss is hidden within the loft of homes – this type of lightweight roof truss is referred to as […]

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Roof Truss: A fundamental to any building

A roof truss is one of the most fundamental sections of a home or building. The truss pattern itself is used extensively in engineering applications related to bridge and other civil building construction, including other critical infrastructure like power pylons. The tetrahedron shape is the most representative shape of the basic idea and concept of […]

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Designing Your Roof

Here we provide expert advice on how to go about designing roof for your self-build, which includes advice on pitch trusses, roof types and insulation. Pitch effect on self-build One of the main factors when it comes to roof truss design is working out how you can make the roof space habitable, may it be […]

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Roof Trusses Explained

The production and use of a roof truss is a vital part of building a safe and reliable roof that can then be incorporated with a range of other construction processes that eventually make up a building. A roof truss refers to the frames made up of timber – that are nailed, bolted or pegged […]

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